MAI TAI TIL I DIE 4" Vinyl Sticker

MAI TAI TIL I DIE 4" Vinyl Sticker

It takes a tough, leathery soul to navigate the long, winding lonely highway to the Tiki live fast, die young...

"Mai Tai Til I Die..."

With our 4" x 4" heavy duty glossy black and white vinyl "Mai Tai Til I Die" stickers you can tell the world, as you're reeking from tar, leather, stale cigarette smoke and homemade orgeat syrup, that yes... you will Mai Tai 'til YOU die.... 151 Proof. Since 1944.

Stickers printed by the fine, undoubtedly Mai-Tai swillin' high quality folks at Rockinstickers!

Designed by Pete Klockau at The Black Lagoon Room