RUM, GUM OR LIME 4" Vinyl Sticker

RUM, GUM OR LIME 4" Vinyl Sticker

The road warriors say, "Ass, Gas or Grass - No One Rides Free." For the home Tiki bartender,
You gotta bring the rum, the gum (Gum Arabic Syrup, the old way of sayin' "sugar"), or you bring the lime... no one drinks free!

Those three simple ingredients in the correct proportions - Rum, Gum, and Lime - are all it takes to make the perfect daiquiri, and together they form the backbone for every other Tiki cocktail that followed in it's tasty, tasty wake...

Delicious, refreshing and satisfying; the perfect thirst quencher on a sweltering summer day before you jump on your hog and hit the hot blacktop.

Our 5" "Rum Gum or Lime" stickers are printed on nice, heavyweight, shiny vinyl and will hold up to the elements, whether you're slapping one on your van, your hog, your beach cooler or your favorite Tiki mug. Produced by our talented and reliable pals at Rockin' Stickers.

The perfect way of letting folks know that at your next party... they better pay their fair share!

Designed by Pete Klockau at The Black Lagoon Room