MONSTER MASH 5" Heavyweight Vinyl Label Sticker

MONSTER MASH 5" Heavyweight Vinyl Label Sticker

What do monsters and hillbillies have in common?


The monsters have been lurking in the woods brewing up something sinister in their still - their very own MONSTER MASH! Authentic Full Moon Shine! One sip will turn you from man to MONSTER!

Does Monster Hillbilly moonshine actually exist? It does not, but if it DID we'd like to think the label would look something like this!

These big 5" stickers are just about the size of an actual bottle label, so you can at least pretend you've got a jug of haunted hooch! Heavyweight vinyl, suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

Designed by Pete Klockau at The Black Lagoon Room

T-shirts also available with patches and growler decanters coming soon!