BLACK LAGOON ROOM "Drippy" Logo 4" Vinyl Sticker

BLACK LAGOON ROOM "Drippy" Logo 4" Vinyl Sticker

That Creature is one thirsty fella!

Emerging from just below the streets of beautiful Cudahy, WI, our Black Lagoon Room logo comes to black and white life on these nifty heavyweight die cut 4" x 4" vinyl stickers, printed up by the fine folks at Rockin' Stickers!

Here, the thirsty creature's paw emerges in a goopy blob of Black Lagoon goo... like ya do when you're a sinister prehistoric "Man-Fish"

Slap it on whatever ya like, and you'll have a quick answer you can point to when someone asks, boldly, "Where does the Creature from the Black Lagoon pop off for a quick tropical drink?"